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Beauty and the Face

I’ve always loved the cornbread hue of my thick, healthy and beautiful glowing skin. I’ve never been too concerned about getting wrinkles. The overall appearance of my skin has been my focus; having even tone skin is very important to me and as I get older, my skin has experienced some minor changes which meant I had to change cleansing and moisturizing agents to help me to achieve my long-term skin care goals.

When I was about 34-years-old, a large cluster of bumps grew and formed on the right side of my face. Those unwanted creatures seemed to sit on my face for what seemed like forever. Every month for the next 7-years these unwelcomed bumps were sore and filled with all the gunk that made them so very unattractive. After these ugly little visitors slowly began leaving my face one-by-one, they left a dark circle on my skin; on my youthful-looking face. It was then that I set out to find a solution to rid these ugly, unattractive and unwanted scars on my face.

I tried Mary Kay and their miracle performing mask, but unfortunately it was not the answer to ridding the creaturous like scars on my face.

I then discovered BeautiControl! A cleanser that was thick and rich, lightly scented — a cleanser that fully penetrated the skin on my face which gave it a deep-down feel good cleansing like no other product I had ever tried. Their scrub was phenomenal, their tonic amazing and their moisturizer left my skin unbelievably soft. The four steps worked in perfect harmony with each other and with my skin; my skin was as beautiful as ever. The scars that covered a small portion on the right side of my face were starting to disappear, slowly, but they were leaving; it was as if my blood had been thoroughly cleansed. One would have thought that by looking at the skin on my face that my blood was as pure as pure could be because beauty starts from the inside.

I used BeautiControl’s Skinlogics Gold for about a year and a half which was when the lab at BeautiControl decided to change this amazing formula of this unmatched skin care system. They changed the rich cleansing formula to a foam and the moisturizer just wasn’t the same either. I then decided to give the new Gold a try, but unfortunately for me, it wasn’t a match for my moisture-thirsty skin.

After this system failed, I started trying other products most of which were geared towards anti-aging skin and I am not a fan of any products that tries to halt the aging process. I do not believe in anything that has been formulated to stop or get rid of wrinkles. I believe, realize and understand, thank God, that if I’m blessed to live, I am going to get older and that the aging process is accompanied by wrinkles; they will someday become a part of my skin, so I definitely do not believe in anti-aging products because they just DO NOT work! I truly believe that when we try to combat our wrinkles with a lot of expensive products it makes our skin worse; less is always better. I never want my skin to become dependent on something in terms of stopping or getting rid of wrinkles; wrinkles are a sign of wisdom and when the wrinkles that appear on my skin they are the sign that says, “we are supposed to be here because the aging process is a part of life that comes with living.

So after reading reviews and trying other skin care systems such as Clinique and Arbonne, I did some research on certain oils that work well on the skin.

One oil that I tried years ago and loved was Jojoba oil. I’ve always had dry skin and need something to moisturize and soften my cornbread colored skin. When I tried Jojoba oil, my skin literally soaked it up and once again, I had found another miracle that worked magic.

A little expensive, super beneficial, and lasts and lasts, I recently purchased a bottle of the golden-colored Jojoba oil from the health-food store along with a bottle of 100% pure Vitamin E oil; I already had some cocoa butter sitting on my dresser and I already knew what I was going to do with them. These three moisturizers were great, but did not work as well as I would have liked for them to individually so I decided to mix the three together…

WOW… what a difference and what a miracle!!! For less than $20 I made an amazing home-made moisturizer that works to nourish, moisturize and beautify my skin. I was then left to find a cleanser that would compliment these three magical performing ingredients I had put together to help keep my skin soft and supple.

I discovered two cleansers that proved to be perfect matches for my skin along with my moisturizer. Because my skin is so sensitive and so dry, I use Mary Kay’s Creamy Cleanser Formula 2; I love it. Twice a month I use Cetaphil to get a little deeper cleaning and to remove all the excess dirt. I also have a tonic that I use to keep the Ph balance in my skin, but I only use it once a week because my moisturizing joy works so well.

Also, twice a week I allow my skin to absorb even more moisture for pure softness by applying Petroleum Jelly during the colder months when the fall and winter seasons arrive. My skin is more beautiful than ever; it is soft, and still wrinkle-free, but I must tell you that I am still fairly young at 51-years old. I’m 51, people tell me that I look 41, I feel 31 and I’ll settle for 21!