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Organic Skin Care – Beauty and YOU

Beauty as well as maintaining radiant complexion requires proper diet, enough rest, and exercise. You need to support the metabolic functions of your cells in order to keep a glowing, smooth, radiant complexion. One method is to promote skin flexibility by increasing the natural collagen. Anti aging care definitely involves taking care of your skin elasticity, which is supplied by the amount of elastin and collagen you have on your body. They are the protein connective tissues that promote strength, flexibility, and resiliency of the skin.

The two things you should avoid to keep healthy glowing skin are exposure from cigarette smoking and the sun’s radiation. They could destroy your collagen and trigger production of free radicals. Another approach is to drink plenty of water and prevent skin dryness. Choose anti aging care products that have the same PH level as your skin PH level. Unbroken, the skin is your first line of defense against bacterial invasion and diseases, helps you achieve glowing skin health, helps the body detoxify by excreting waste, and takes in oxygen and nutrients.

Choose organic facial cleansers for your anti aging care

One good rule to follow about choosing the perfect ingredients is just to go natural and discard the synthetic ones that may harm your skin. Selecting the appropriate organic facial cleanser for your type of skin is important to make sure it fully removes the day-to-day debris without stripping the natural attributes of your skin. Other cleansers may strip away the natural protection of your skin and leave it vulnerable to bacteria that may lead to developing rough texture with sallow appearance.

Avoid sun exposure

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun. It is the number one cause of premature skin aging. You need to spend little time as possible under the sun or use sunblock to avoid damage. About 90% of skin problems associated with aging resulted from too much exposure of the sun. It undergoes physiological reaction after sun exposure. Sun exposure creates long term damage and havoc to your complexion. You may need a sun block to lessen the impact.

Calendula ingredient for skin cleansing

The Pangea Organics created the Egyptian calendula and blood orange face cleanser to cleanse your face with a product that is just appropriate for your type of complexion. Calendulas have important healing and antiseptic characteristics that could stimulate circulation. Calendula is a valuable ingredient that could help treat eczema, ringworm, and other fungal infection. The main goal of organic skin care Pangea Organics cleanser with Egyptian calendula is achieving cleanliness as well as freshness through removal of diet, bacteria, and oils.